The next issue of Big Top is coming soon!

Going a bit crazy with interviews and a new re-design of the site, and man, the next issue is going to be friggin’ BEAUTIFUL!
Just a taste of what you can expect in just a couple weeks:

Interviews with:
*The Underground Circus (Canada)
*Mythmaker Sacred Theater Circus (Canada)
Dreamtime Circus (very recently returned from India)
Zirk Ubu (San Diego)
*Gooferman – Kings of Klown-fi
*Amanda Palmer (of The Dresden Dolls – an intimate conversation. It took two months to schedule a 1/2 hour with her, but I got it!
Jill Tracy (San Francisco’s First Lady of Melancholia) (still in hopes of getting her scheduled – it’s looking good!)
The Tongues (not just for stamps anymore)

(* – interviews done. Still need to have transcribed, re-edit, find, download & re-size photos and create the pages on the site for.)

and even MORE! (workworkworkworkwork – woohoo!)

In the meantime, check out Risings’ article "Not Just Clowning Around" in the features section!

Big Top is kicking ass, yo.

And if ya can, please help me get my sore ass into an actual running vehicle/home – time is running out, and I need to be out of this situation in only a few weeks!
(Read the ‘Founders Note’ on the first page for further details.)



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