over, and again…

I read past words and remember the freedom of the road. I read past words and perhaps remember too much – but I don’t need to remember the words I have written, I sill remember every single thing – I have learned not to hide my heart  – at least from me. http://ksea.livejournal.com/2005/09/28/


I remember far too much.


Backwards, forwards, I used to write well. In life and death, in the most immense pain & the greatest joy, I used to write well. I’ve forgotten myself in the need to create – the need to get a home that can take me anywhere I want to go…

I scream at this dream, anguish in coming back to the same place every night, the thing I live in anything but my home, stuck in a friends driveway, immobile.


Curse or blessing, I don’t know – but I believe that I am not meant to sit in one place for too long, as even the beautiful things I see on my walks lose their fascination over time…


Today was perfect – waking at 3am to a dear friend (and someone who is more valuable to me than I can describe to you), a beautiful conversation with the extraordinary Jill Tracy, then actually going out with Tank & Taylor to enjoy Nick Cave…


I know things will work out – they always do… and I trust, believe. There is a magick that comes with dreams… deep inside of my heart, you find my dreams…


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