The next issue of Big Top is coming SOON!

That’s right, me loverly and beautimous people, the new issue of Big Top has a planned release date of October 13th, and it’s going to be beautiful!

The biggest & best issue yet, with some of the most interesting interviews under the tent. On top of the usual features, there will be, in this one single beautiful issue, a whole bunch of something for everyone! After winning Best of the Bay after only two months in existence, I decided that I should probably earn that – and so here, in the next issue, you get:

AMANDA PALMER (of The Dresden Dolls) – an incredibly delightful intimate conversation

MYTHMAKER (from Vancouver) – a Mytho-Theatrical Sacred Circus, and an incredible interview with the founder, Hjeron

JILL TRACY, a beautiful conversation with the lovely woman herself, where we talk a bit about everything – truly a delight. "Jill Tracy creates an elegant netherworld both seductive and terrifying." ~ Clive Barker

THE UNDERGROUND CIRCUS, another incredible circus from Vancouver.

GOOFERMAN – an interview that only Boe could do. Friggin’ Klowns…

THE TONGUES, ZIRK UBU, DREAMTIME CIRCUS, and incredible costume, corsetry & couture designer KATHERINE CROWLEY!

Also, already up, a wonderful article by the lovely Rising – "Not Just Clowning Around", about the roles of clowns as much more than they appear to be. Truly inspirational.

TO POTENTIAL ADVERTISERS – this is the time to get in! I’ve created a limited amount of new advertising space on the site, and as a special incentive, there is a 20% discount if you purchase three or more months of advertising directly from me by Wednesday, October 8th! That’s right, 20% off three months or more, BUT YA BETTER HURRY!!

This issue is going to be promoted like mad, far more than the others were – even to the tune of getting the word out into the physical world with beautiful club-type fliers!
Since it’s launch and with only two issues out, the site has been visited 4,603 times by 69 countries/territories, and this issue is going to be the best yet, which means even more visits and more people finding out about you! For details please visit

The New Big Top is coming SOON!



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