Hello my loverly LJ community, it’s been quite a while! I’ve been insanely busy these days working my ass off on my new project, which essentially takes ALL of my time, because except for the transcribing of the interviews, I’m the guy behind the curtain who is doing everything – and gods, I love it.
The new issue  is coming out VERY soon, and I’ve already started contacting people for the issue after this – fighting like hell to make this dream happen, and it is – it really is! After only three months in existence it won the "Best of The Bay award from the nations oldest weekly, the SF Guardian, and continues to get better and better – and now it needs to start making some money!

There are special advertising deals for this issue, and if you don’t have anything to advertise, Big Top could still really use any help you can offer in donations. The whole thing was created while essentially homeless, and I’m a couple days away from being even more homeless, doing the couch surfing thing until I have the scratch to purchase a decent, running RV – as I need to get the non-running psuedo-RV that I’ve been living in out of my friends driveway and get rid of it…

So, that being said, please help if you can – and on with the fanfare!


Big Top Magazine is coming to YOU!


This issue is going to be phenomenal, including interviews with:

Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls), an intimate conversation that differs from those ‘other’ magazines,


Jill Tracy "San Francisco’s First Lady of Melancholia", a two hour conversation that touches on everything you want to know about our exquisite chanteuse,


Dreamtime Circus, who just returned from India with beautiful stories to tell about their experiences there,


Mythmaker (“Mythic Fire Ritual Sacred Stilt Circus”) from Canada, bringing the storytelling of the ancients into their performances,


Boenobo of Gooferman, the Kings of Klown-Fi – a high-larious conversation,


Kathleen Crowley, Clothes & Costume designer extraordinaire, whose creations have adorned Fat Chance Belly Dance, Rachel Brice, & Samantha Hasthorpe of the Belly Dance Super Stars, just to name a few – (as well as Jill Tracy!),


…and so much more! (Yeah, I’m workin’ my ass off!)


With this issue reaching an estimated 60,000 viewers worldwide (YES, 60,000,based on the close following those above have in their social networks, as well as 2,500 beautiful, full color fliers promoting this issue spread all around the Bay Area, and more marketing of all imaginable kinds:


NOW is the time to advertise with Big Top Magazine (and help us both!)


The PERFECT place to advertise for:

Clothes & Costume Designers

Bands & Musicians

Jewelry Makers & Designers


Body Workers

Fire Tool & Toy Makers

Custom Anything Makers

Stilt Makers

Makeup Artists

Audio & Video Engineers


Visual Artists

Dance Troupes of all kinds,

And anything else you can think of!


To top it off, there is a super special discount for you if you rent three months of ad space or more – but hurry! For details please visit


But WAIT, there’s MORE! (I’ve always wanted to say that)

Get you advertising graphic into Big Top soon, and you get the rest of October for FREE, as well as getting to change your ad graphic monthly, if you desire. Great for seasonal sales!


Why, you ask, do I offer such a combination of incredible savings? Because Big Top is growing faster than I can keep up with it, and so far it’s been pretty much a one person operation, (save for the incredible help of my volunteer transcribers) – and I’m not to proud to ask for YOUR help to assist Big Top in achieving that next step – becoming what it can and should be as the best & ONLY Indie Circus Culture & Arts Magazine in the WORLD! (Already visited by 69 countries/territories!)


So get your advertising in soon – only THREE days until the next issue!
ere is


Thanks, and tons of Big Top love,


~ kSea flux


Please feel free to forward this wherever you wish!


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