Black Jack

the cards have been dealt.

21 years, ace and a face.

For 21 years, every second I expected death. Waited, still waiting with every breath. For the few who know, for everyone that doesen’t…

I’ve been HIV + for 21 years now, recently diagnosed with Advanced Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome – aka

But here I am – fuck you, my dreams won this gamble. It takes much more than this shit to kill me.
I’m winning this fucking hand
an ace in the hole

Blackjack, motherfuckers.

It’s all a game, and I’m not dead yet, so that means

I’m winning?

Give me one month, or two, or three – not feeling so hot these days
Give me one year, or two, or three – I just might surprise you.
Give me one thing that I can hold onto
Just give me that one perfect day.

I will continue to cherish this life, the days, months or years left
and return the beauty you offer
to the world…


Don’t forget how sacred every fucking second is.
Cherish this life…

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