everything, gone… still I fight.

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Recession? HA!

Only for those who have invested in this cuntry.

No. I am not proud – but I believe that I just might be soon, as we elect our first warrior.

hello, hooray, let the games begin, I’ve been waiting. This is the time we’ve waited for…

The artists,dreamers, wanderers in search of a new world.

This is the time we have waited for, sacrificed everything for.

We will soon be able to be proud, but it will take hard work, and I know he can do it…
I Know.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These dreams have been built on speculation, built
on nothing.

My heart seethes with what could be, satiates the thirst it has surviving through so many empty promises…

and Big Top will continue and have a glorious life.

I just might pass soon, but I have two others that I believe will carry this on. It is needed…

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straight up. part deux

I need some friggin’ help. Eight days until I’m sleeping on sidewalks again.
Not asking for more that three months of cafe’ coffee wouldn’t cover –

and I would never ask for anything that isn’t desperately needed. Have you ever slept on a park bench?

I have. And beaches, in vans, outside of everything common day.

I am weary of asking for couches, far beyond what you can believe.

I’m fighting for this, and sinking too fast into these depths. I need hope, need air.

Every tick, every second, resounds inside of me, the gallows song…

Straight up, help big. give to art, sacrifice close to nothing,


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Straight up… Part one.

I find myself far to overwhelmed with appreciation and love to respond personally to the posts that followed mine in the previous….um… post.
(WORDS! Where the fuck did they GO!???)

…but thank you. All of you, from everything that you have helped me become.

I don’t prefer to call it fighting, as it’s only a game. A sacred game if you’ll indulge me, but still, only a game.

The best one I have ever tried to win.

and I will.

Fri, October 31, 2008 – 9:03

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