Back to who I once was…

My head is swimming with all that is happening behind the pages of Big Top – and it is truly magnificent. Here’s just a taste of what is actually happening or in high gear for planning right now:

1) An absolutely beautiful, completely re-designed site, shades better and more professional than the current one that I learned how do build a site on – the coming site is being done by a bona-fide PROFESSIONAL, who fell in love with the idea, believes in this crazy dream that I can’t let go, and has been working her ass off in creating a much more user-friendly site for Big Top. I just had my first peek at it yesterday, and gadzooks, you’re in for a special treat!

2) Big Top is hitting the road, baby! The final destination will be New Orleans, but I’ll be damned if I’m taking the shortest way there. My intention is to wander, finding amazing people, acts, bands, dancers, and all sorts of things along the way. I’m even planning on breaking out my busking gear again, as I desperately miss the streets, and performing.
 For those of you who have known me for a number of years know that I once could write – or at least, write well. (You said so – that’s how I know…). For those of you who are new to me, here’s a taste…  read forwards or back…)

There is a knowledge inside of me that the road is all I need to come back to that peace where I could just simply write… escape all of the walls that suck me dry and go. The adventure will be blogged and documented in photographs on the Big Top site, as frequently as possible. Coming back to the Vagabond Extraordinaire. Things have become stagnant – I need the road.

3) Planning a tour – not a road trip, a production. Still in it’s infancy, but based on REVOLUTION, a show I put on in August. Dig the images in the ‘Sights’ section of the magazine. My vision is to have a small group of the most phenomenal performers traveling with, and incorporate the best local acts of every city we visit into the shows.

I created this magazine out of need. Something that couldn’t be left undone.
Once, only a few years ago, I was that guy who had huge dreams, but sacrificed all of them for a small bit of "comfort" for something solid that made me shitloads of money at times, but left my soul empty…

I only pretended to be alive then.

Now, each breath is laced with wonder and love. This is where I need to be – it is the only me that I know anymore, the only me that I will accept…

Big Top is kicking ass, but still needs your support. Please help. Advertise or just simply donate.
It’s time to roll…

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