Big Top is getting BIGGER, baby!

Big Top is in crazy high gear, and things are rocking!

In case you missed the last bulletin, here are the key points:

>BEAUTIFUL, completely re-designed website in the works for the next issue, with TONS of more fun stuff!

>Big Top is going on a wandering road trip, hitting wherever I feel – think New Orleans via the Northwest, Colorado, L.A., Austin, wherever the wind blows me, meeting and interviewing everyone I can get my hands on along the way, as well as a running blog on the site new site of the extraordinary adventure!
***Keep posted on for dates & details! I plan on hitting the road within two months, and I will be offering rides on this wacky route in the Big Top Mobile!***  (Whatever that turns out to be.)

>A Big Top Productions tour in the works for next year, based on REVOLUTION.

Yes, things are exploding in a glorious way – and NOW is the time for you to advertise! (You knew that was coming, didn’t you?)

We’ve been running an insane special on advertising, and I decided to extend the deadline for it until THIS COMING MONDAY, MIDNIGHT – so hurry! IF you make the deadline, you will receive a $50 discount on any space rental of $200 or more – up to 25%off our already low prices!
Since it’s launch just in May of this year, Big Top has already won the ‘Best of the Bay’ award from the SF Guardian, and been visited by 78 countries/territories, and we’re just getting started – take advantage of it!

The perfect place to advertise for:

Clothes & Costume Designers
Bands & Musicians
Jewelry Designers
Body Workers
Fire Tool & Toy Makers
Independent Shops & Stores
Stilt Makers
Audio & Video Engineers
Visual Artists
Dance Troupes of all kinds,
And anything else you can think of!

Time is running out, and I don’t want you to miss out on this special – so if you’re going to act, act now!

For more details please visit…tion.html

Once again, $50 off any adspace rental of $200 or more – but only until this Monday at Midnight, so hurry!

***If you don’t have anything to advertise but you would like to help support all the beautiful things happening with Big Top (and pitch in for the motor-home that will be our tour bus, all re-designed as an old circus wagon on the inside, of course), Big Top will be eternally grateful for that as well – and if we come through your town, on either tour, we’ll be sure to swing by & say hi – as well as offer you a spot on the guest list if it’s the show tour! Thank you all so much for helping this dream come true… ~ kSea

I look forward to hearing from you soon – and Big Top love to ya!

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