Just Received! VIDEO from Big Top's first production is finally UP!

Dig the video, my beautiful friends – HELL YEAH! Some changes are being made (such as adding a "special thanks" credit & stuff for the many deserving), but here’s the first edit – (& only eight months later)!


AND, coming to you on Saturday, May 2nd – The Big Top Magazine ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EXTRAVAGANZA! Make sure you mark the date & purchase your tickets early (available soon) – as it WILL sell out! That’s right, my beautiful friends – against all odds, BTM made it through the first year, and things are REALLY kicking ass – it’s taking OFF, baby, and there ain’t NO slowing down in sight!

This is also a Wanderlust Benefit, as Big Top is taking off in more ways than one! I’m answering the call of the road very shortly after the show, setting S.F. in my rear-view & chasing myheadlights, performing & finding amazing people, interviews & stories for the mag (& you!) along the way.

I know things are tight for everyone, but if you want to help support this grand endeavor, visit http://www.bigtopmagazine.com & please make a donation (there’s a paypal thing on the front page)  – it will help with necessary repairs to the motor home, getting AAA, and many other things. Really, *anything* will help, and be appreciated more than you may realize!

Think of this journey as something of a modern day "On The Road", except it will be blogged about in real time!
The Journey Continues… and man, I can’t fucking wait to be writing again…


And now, for some of the latest BTM news!



EXCLUSIVE specials only through Big Top Magazine! I’ve been working closely with my lovely advertisers, and we have arranged for them to offer a 10% discount on their extraordinarily exquisite items!
from stunning clothes to gorgeous jewelry & other adornments, and
for the performers out there, some superbly crafted stilts, from the
people who make them for Flam Chen & many other incredible
performance troupes – so go have a look!


you want to advertise as well, this is THE BEST TIME! The traffic to
the site is growing exponentially, I’m celebrating the birthday of Big
Top by offering YOU a special on advertising, and hell – to be
perfectly honest with ya, Big Top Magazine has some pretty insane plans
for the very near future, and needs your support! Check out the advertising page for more details – the special ends SOON!

Big Top Magazine is turning ONE YEAR OLD, and is having one
hell of a well deserved ANNIVERSARY EXTRAVAGANZA! That’s right, my beautiful friends – Big Top is hitting by far the most important milestone of its
existence, and yeah, it’s been one tumultuous year, full of the highest of
highs, and many times where it took absolutely everything I had to keep going –
but we made it, and it’s time to CELEBRATE! Mark your calendars for Saturday,  May 2nd, as you will NOT want to miss this! It WILL sell out, so be
sure to get your tickets in advance – more information on that coming soon.
also a fare-well party for yours truly, as very shortly after it Big Top will
be hitting the road for a few months, running the magazine from my motor home
and finding incredible people & stories along the way for upcoming Big Top
issues! Dig the video from the last Big Top Magazine production here!

And, speaking of upcoming Big Top issues, the next complete,
beautiful issue will be up in Mid April, and man – it’s going to be
FANTASTIC! Big Top is just getting better & better, and this will
be the first 100% new issue with our new website – and I must admit – I’m THRILLED!


Aaaaand – In order to help bring in some much needed funds for the
road trip, I’m also offering what will most likely be the last advertising
special for quite a while, with 20% off all advertising and free graphic design for your advertisement – as well as if you want to be a part of the 10% off
special above, you get an extra super special added bonus just for being a part
of it – so join the gang, and let Big Top support you while you support BTM!


For even more amazing news as well as a few things to expect
in the coming issue (& a whole bunch of other stuff) check out www.bigtopmagazine.com – and thank
you all so incredibly much for your support, encouragement & love over the
past year. It couldn’t have happened without you.

Big Top Love like fresh, warm cotton candy,

~ kSea


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