…so says the tickytock. Except without the tick, or the tock. It just does it. And I was done writing…

but I just do it – or at least, I try.

I like where my mind goes when I get back into the words – everything I see has a poetry to it, and perhaps I even talk differently… that I don;t know, but I was saturated with words when Tea met me, was writing the love of adventure, the agony of Bean (which she helped me through to no end) and a love that I had hopes for… gods, what a time.

There is a lot I can’t write about right now, but one thing I can – an incredible honor – Tea says that she is going to name her child after me if it’s a boy. A string of four names, and one is kSea…


I seem to touch people as I go through their lives, for reasons I truly don’t understand – but I guess that they all have their own. Maybe they see the way I see me when I know that the world is mine to be shared; maybe they see the vulnerable me, the child who has no past, but dreams of a future he is willing to sacrifice everything for… and has. And will again. And again, until I am fucking done.

The words aren’t coming.




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