lifetimes & lives past…

Sitting at Cafe International, Haight & Fillmore. Walk outside the front door, a few gates to the right, I once lived there. At the time I was working for Starving Students Moving Company, & had found that through someone I worked with when it was time to leave New Method Warehouse in Emeryville, home of Short Dogs Grow, Christ on Parade – but it was time to leave, we all got evicted after years of rent strike, so I ended up here, a few gates to the right. 526, maybe – 526 Haight.

Walk out the front door of Cafe International, and walk a few gates to the left, right on the corner. Three fireplaces, mirrored livingroom, $150 per month for a small room in back, almost directly above where I’m sitting now. I can see my old window if I walk out onto the outside porch here… twenty years ago, and someone else entirely was crawling inside this skin, someone with veins worth thousands and thousands of dollars but who could still barely make rent.

I never came here then, or at least pretty close to never. I was busy doing other things.

I never expected to be here now, now twenty years from then. I didn’t expect to be anywhere, but…

I’m happy to be here now, with this type of me

inside my skin.


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