The White Rabbit

It’s now official – I have named my motorhome “The White Rabbit”.

I’ve been vacillating for months on if that might be the proper name for her, but with the recent (soon to be, need to wait for my monthly check) purchase of a piece of art that was created by Raven Ebner for a beautiful production called “Looking Glass’ by Cera Byer & Damage Control Dance Theater, I decided that must be the name she is supposed to have.

The print is perfect for me, for my dream of just going and taking whatever turns & directions feel right, and seeing where I end up. Putting my trust in the Universe & finding alll of the adventure there is to find along the way. I’ve been in one place now for far, far too long, and my lust for movement & forward motion needs to be appeased – just as soon as I get through the year of Interferon therapy, a shot a week, which I need to stay here for…

Only eleven months to go, and in the meantime I’ll be able to do the things I intend to do, such as paint the outside white (The Beige Rabbit? oh, hell no), and continue to create & re-create the inside of my perfect sanctuary, my home. Something I’ve always been incredibly adept at, and something I’ve always loved doing. It’s coming along, a bit here, a bit there almost every day…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In other news, I am ecstatic that my new bow finally arrived the day before yesterday. A simple recurve, which will let me get back to traditional archery – no friggin’ sights, nothing but instinct, which as a boy being shipped off to camp I was perhaps the best of my group, earning shitloads of treasured patches & medals that dear old mom threw away. Now, I’ll just earn them all back and keep them in my heart – a place that she is not allowed to go anymore.


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