no vacancy

Please ignore the sign.

It was broken years ago either

by someone I may have loved,

or by my own hand

throwing the pieces of my heart that had hardened to rocks

torn from the parts I want to keep

the parts that are still worth giving

to you.


Now, for your protection or mine

I leave it on

say that I have forgotten how to fix it

for your protection or mine

I leave it on

waiting for you to ignore what is said on the outside

walk through the doors with your sacred tools

twisted, broken, worn from a lifetime of hope and pain,

but not destroyed.


I’ll gather mine, the same

dig them out of forgotten places

and with the pieces I have

and yours

we will make our own

new, gleaming, shining like the stars, and

together we will fix what we can, and

find the way to let each other into our hearts…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

yesterday I heard your faint knock,

but took to long to answer.

Still I watched you as long as I could

and today, you go away.

I think that I hope that you see this

because I think that I want you to know

that in the brief time we had that one night

I realized I am willing to do anything for you

even wait

for the train

through Russia.

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