Lots to do…

Quite honestly, I absolutely can’t stand Facebook. I only use it as a tool to keep in contact with people – but my distaste for it has grown to a degree where I need to fight to open it up on my computer.

As a result, I will begin using WordPress to say almost anything I need, save for the CultureFlux page. I’ve begun to get categories going, now just need to spend hours eding all the previous posts and putting then into those categories. Lots to do.

Facebook was not created for us – it was created for little college students with nothing or idiotic bullshit to say, and while it has become “the thing”, I;ve got a feeling that there is something around the corner that will be insanely better…

So while for the time being I will keep my account on FB, absolutely nothing will be posted there directly, though everything I post here will have a link posted to it on FB – for the time being.

If you have any strange inclination to keep up with the wanderings of my mind, you might want to subscribe – as it will all be here.

Things are changing, and changing for the better. Soon FB will be understood for what it is – outdated, pithy, adolescent.

In time…

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