90 days of hell & hope…

Which have been stopped short. The meds weren’t working to their satisfaction, and at three months, that’s when they decide to continue them or not.
The decision was made.
After severe disappointment, the time invested, the pain that went with it, all seemingly for nothing, I switched things around & began to look at the positive aspects – the side-effects that were countless and nearly unbearable –  from increased, irrational loathing and irritability about everything to complete exhaustion at all times, and everything in-between, I won’t have to tolerate those anymore, and maybe even be less of a recluse. The possibility of a road trip that lasts more than a week. Many things, countless…
Everything happens for a reason.
Everything is decided from each moment, infinite ways to decide to go – and each moment decides the next. There are worlds out there, so many roads to take inside & out, making certain that I see what is offered on each side instead of the usual single tunnel vision we have…
…and I should be sleeping now. Thirteen teeth dug out of my skull in a few hours.
This will be something new – I wonder what it’s like not to have any teeth? (I wonder how much blood I can swallow and not vomit?) More pictures will be taken. For those with weak stomachs, this is your second warning. (Two inch long slimy clots of blood – blood-slugs!) Of course, I couldn’t help but dressing some of the shots up a bit – doll heads, dinner settings… and that was only eight teeth.
4am. Waking early to meditate, then off to the dentist. As I think I said previously, this is a blessing. I know exactly what the outcome will be… instead of three years and running of trying to figure out what the other mess is about.
If anyone has a desire to bring me a milkshake, please text – 504-261-1099 – I can’t see wanting to be sitting in a cafe drooling blood to charge my computer

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