The Beauty of Chaos…

There are some new things brewing in CultureFlux, things that open this crazy thing up to entire new worlds – worlds of Magick, Mayhem, and pretty much anything that is able to float across the imagination and be shared with others, in any way you choose.
The new section is called (at least temporarily) Mysteries & Marvels, and it was imagined, formed, & created in pure chaotic joy – a place that has no name, no structure, no agenda, and is welcoming you to add your bizarre & twisted take on the world. Come on in and enjoy, slide me some things to add to it, and entertain your whims. (Trust your Lust!)
Also adding to content, under the “Art & Photography” link you will find a piece on an amazing artist named Stephanie Bolton, who creates beautiful paintings focusing on a subject that is dear to her heart – Belly Dancing. Come on in & enjoy!
And now, The Absolutely Amazing, Truly Astounding, Please help Support CultureFlux

Advertising Special!

That’s Right! Until the end of September CultureFlux is offering a FANTASTIC advertising special to you!

It’s simple –

Purchase Three Months of advertising in any of the banner slots, and receive an extra one month, plus a spot in the Marketplace for no additional cost!


Purchase Six Months of advertising in any of the banner slots, and you will receive and extra Two Months of advertising, as well as an ad spot in the Marketplace for the cost of only six months of adverdising – that’s EIGHT Months plus for the low cost of six months!

SO – Contact me at to get your ad started, or if you have any questions –

And in the meantime, swing on over & enjoy the ever-changing CultureFlux Magazine – I look forward to hearing froom you soon!

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