I swear, they pulled more than just teeth…

So, they didn’t pull all of them out as planned.
I’m left with the teeth that remained on the bottom, and nothing on top – which seems to be as effective as no teeth at all.
I swear though – it felt like they were pulling a whole lot more than just teeth out of my head during the procedure.
I had a different dentist this time, an all-business Indian woman who just was not messing around.
It began normal enough, only a slight bit of trepidation, the usual, and then it was down to doing what I was there for – and MY FRIGGIN’ GODS, the pain was so far beyond what I was expecting that they almost had to hold me down.
As she rammed what felt like a 00 piercing needle up into my palate over and over again, feeling like the needle was going up through my sinuses, though my eyeball and into my brain itself, the muscles in my entire body contracted so much that I have little doubt that I was pretty much on my elbows & heels alone while laying in the chair. It was… indescribable. Indescribable, but thankfully short.
After the injections were over and they walked into another room to give the pain killer a chance to take effect, I lay there with what must have been a look of terror in my eyes, tears streaming out of my right eye, and… whimpering.
Ultimately I guess I’m grateful for the initial pain, because after that there were two instances where the dental assistant actually had to hold my head down as the dentist wrenched back & forth, ripping my teeth and who knows what else out of my skull.
There was one tooth, the canine I found out later, that apparently had some serious roots or something (like a small city) growing on it, as when she finally got that one out both the dental assistant and the no-nonsense, all-business dentist paused for a few seconds for a collective “whooooah!”
Gods, I wish I could have gotten pictures of whatever caused that, but speaking wasn;t much of an option from long before that.
Strangely enough, these extractions bled almost not at all, not even soaking half of the first wad of gauze with blood.
Strange, as they seemed so much more difficult than the first ones pulled…
It’s almost time to stop writing as my battery is getting low, but as promised – Here is The Blood.
After the first extractions I had clots the girth & size of two inch slugs of blood coming out of my mouth – first a bit would begin hanging down, reaching towards the back of my throat, then if I couldn’t “cut” it off with pressure between my tongue & roof of my mouth, then couldn’t even cut it with my fingers, I had to pull it out. There’s a shot of one of the much smaller ones in here… as well as random shots & some twisted fun with bloody gauze.
I won’t be done with all the extractions until the beginning of November, at which point there is another few weeks before I’m set up with my shiny new teeth. I must admit, the liquid diet is already getting old – but hey, at least I’ve lost the jowls!
With all the grotesque shots I’ve been throwing in here lately, I felt I should put a couple in to remind me of what I’m working working towards, as well.
One day, everything will be fixed again. I just need to have patience.
Okay, gotta post & shut down the computer…
Keri, Isa, thank you both for your wonderful comments on the previous post. I’ll respond to them soon, but in the meantime, Keri – you have always been special in my life, and I sincerely appreciate your words, more than you know – but I believe that anyone could be as strong as I have been, I just choose to take unknown roads that sometimes test me more than most. I know *you* can do absolutely anything you want and skate through it…
and Isa, no way in hell you’re getting my knees, punk. I still have a whole bunch of ass-kickin’ to do. (But I will build you some new legs if this ever happens again!)
And now, put away the food – it’s picture time.


2 responses to “I swear, they pulled more than just teeth…

  1. ahahahaha….youre like a halloween mask without the halloween or the mask!!!! you should save the teeth and make your very own bubba teeth with them. well atleast until you get new teeth, you can now get alot more money workin the streets! ahahahah…sorry but after JUST getting back from the dentist a few minutes ago i needed a good laugh and your expense was chosen!!!

    • My pleasure darlin’! Hell, I know what I look like, and it *aint* purty. IF I can walk, I’m going to have a blast on Halloween- but they wouldn’t let me keep the ones they pulled as much as I went “mmfffggrgghff?” And pointed…

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