Strange, being here.
The outside world goes by without any need for notice.
It’s almost a struggle to answer emails, to have even that taste of what may be happening
a soft bubble of non-existence, fed, cared for, even had a private nurse come in today
just for me
and time goes by far to easily, so alien to me
just the pain to remind me that I’m alive
but I need to find something, something jagged, something sharp
or soft & beautiful enough to make me cry
to puncture and rip the bubble away.
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7 responses to “bubble

  1. “The outside world goes by without any need for notice.” I’ve felt like that a lot in the past few years and I’m not going through the crap you dealing with. I knew you were ill. I caught bits and pieces of your happenings but just skimmed the surface and didn’t “notice” how traumatic it really was … I’m glad you’re warm and safe and someone is there to care for you. (((hugs)))

  2. Alright boy in the bubble…Ill come pop ya …i mean if you really want me to! Yes the world goes by quickly….but then we were never really a part of Their World much anyways. Reminds me of “I need something good to die for, to make it beautiful to live”. You NEED this bubble, for now and take full advantage of it. We should watch a movie again soon! I can crawl in bed and ignore your ass blowin kisses at me lol. Books? Magazines? Knitting? Hahaha… Whatcha want? We can put more pix in your room….or go for some short walks though it’s crappy out so the bubble probably wouldn’t be so bad for now. Raven and I want to stop in for a sec to see you Sunday. Let me know a good time. Won’t stay for too long but figured since I have a ride I should take advantage of it! Like you’re writing again 😉 been missing it, and you lots. Just email the non bs answer as to whatcha want or need…even some trivial fun or shenanigans. Misssshooooo fluxers. Let me know about Sunday. You KNOW we will have fluxycupicakes for ya…don’t grumble…our bday ones were awesome and if you don’t want em all maybe some other reidents/staff may enjoy them! Btw, found old photo of the pool table at Green Tortoise with the big sign over it….such found memories of our semipermanent home there. Mostly of you falling down the stairs and playing dead….dancing in the ballroom all night….we will have to go back again when you’re out!!!! If you get reeeeally bored and full of moxie I will teach ya some hot bellydance moves…. Your muscles will probably dig it and you can woo the nurses with your suaveness 😉 will give you a call around lunch tomorrow. Trying to aim for times when I think you will be up already. I you want us to bring anything tomorrow, let me know. Will stop by tj’s for you some more chai. Much love from da red dread headed shimmyin monstah of godess goodness >=>

  3. I’m grateful you have that bubble. How many times this year I’ve wished I could make one for you… And much of my answer to you last post? Single parent of an active small person working a 9-5 until I got laid-off…yadayada, it’s a story you already know. But what you don’t know is the number of nights I’ve been in bed awake wishing I could give you a big pile of cash so you could have a warm place to be with a nurse to heal your wounds. I imagine winning the lotto and being so thrilled because you are top of my list. And it happened. Ok, not the lotto, but the warm healing place. Not because of me, but by the very grace and sweetness of the universe-goddess-big woo.

    • Oops, posted before I was done.
      I will see you next week when the snot beasties vacate my sinuses. I will bring gifts, but the last thing i’d want to give you is cold germs.
      Enjoy the stillness of your bubble. This too is a gift.

  4. I have a little something or two, soft, beautiful and puncturing that i would like to share with you, if it is welcome. I am one of the ones of which you speak that has been spinning elsewhere with no real knowledge of how you really were getting along. As this community is so big and somewhat overwhelming at times, i get lost quite often and hide in my studio, but in same note you have no idea how i really am either so i would like to change that if you would like to as well. May you sleep deep and dream weird and wonderful things.
    much love to you,
    anastazia louise

    • Dear Stazl, I would truly be delighted to re-connect with you. It’s been quite a while, but I remember fondly the brief times we shared together, getting to know each other through what was then Big Top.

      So… shall we continue?
      I would love to see you again…

  5. Anastazia pretty much summed up what I was going say… (thanks!)

    I think your warm bubble is what you need to fall back together. I’m so glad that you are healing!


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