into the wild…


The departure time approaches, the excitement, mixed with a bit of trepidation (and a few pain pills) builds. It’s been over a month, ever since I moved in here, that an adventure quite like this has happened; alone, braving being around the strange beings that I see when I occasionally look out the portals of this place.
Over familiar yet unforgiving terrain, underneath thousands of inches of Sea; mentally I’m up for the task, I’ve prepared. No eye contact, just keep walking and hope my legs do my bidding well enough to return me here safely. I will leave a trail of dead flesh and bright red hair & thankfully my telephone is again working if by chance I need it for a final lifeline – or farewell.
I look at the time & notice that I have no more for these musings, there are things that need to be done, and if I am late, the world will not forgive.
The wrath of the street sweeper will strike, and strike hard.
With one final gust of breath to blow the dead skin off of my computer, I shut the lid – and am off to Berkeley to move Alice.
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2 responses to “into the wild…

  1. Ahhhhh KSea** Magickal Being** A long time it’s been*** Tough Times you are now faced with**
    A Big Choice at that** To fight & overcome what life has laid out for you, immediately changing your lifestyle, thought patterns, nutritional habits & healing modalities to one that supports, loves and honors you** Or to lay there and give up, saying Bon Voyage to this tumultuous Life Time*
    Personally, I believe this world really needs you** You’re passionate dreams & visions Your unique self expression, your incredible ways of sharing your heart, thoughts & emotions into words, your incredible visions for creating community, uniting Clans and holding people accountable for the potential they hold** All wrapped up in a colorful circusy package**
    Whatever your choice though, I support you in that**
    If you wish to fight and truely step into a 100% healthy lifestyle, I am here to share, give advise, support and help you how i can
    If you wish to let go of this Life Dream cuz you’ve had enough and things are too hard & complicated, I am spiritually here to help you cross over and manifest something better for yourself in your next life.
    But the most important thing for you to know is that I Love You
    & even though you sometimes feel so alone & perhaps you feel abandoned ** People care about you
    I would have loved to continue on a close journey with you this lifetime* I believe in your Highest Spiritual Potential
    Sadly, Your Lifestyle Choices had effected me so* & i grew distant**
    I couldn’t be on that rollercoaster ride with you to watch & experience you destroying yourself any chance you had* It would have been too painful and it would have destroyed me*
    Well Dear, I’m not sure what else to say**
    But that I’m in touch & feel free to reach out*
    Isa has my phone number if you wish to call*
    And i pray that you find sparkling joy in the smallest of pleasures & whichever way you go, it is graceful & loving**

    Love & Fairy Sparkles

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