All I need is the first line, and the rest will come. The words will begin flowing like they’re supposed to, like they want to, and…
I brought Clotho out to the smoking patio to brave the cold with me, dressed in the general uniform of this place – a robe, pajamas & slippers, but don’t think this will last too much longer…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Back inside now, to my room all cozy, warm, & uninspiring.
I blame it on the room.
I blame it on the lack of anything exciting in my immediate outside world…
I could write about my health, but I’m horribly weary of that – it’s all that is focused on each and every day, with little or no progress.
I need alternative medicine – acupuncture, herbs, anything but this not so merry-go-round of medication & guessing. Treat the symptom but not the cause. When my legs start healing they say I’m doing great – but it comes back, each time worse it seems. It is.
They say it’s the liver but I have my doubts, serious doubts, for many different reasons – but that’s the easy answer. I have Hep-C so it’s the liver.
Maybe, maybe not.
My eyes are starting to close against my will.Time for another drug nap…
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