feeble words of nod

{{{ “Will you just friggin’ write already? You’re driving yourself crazy by not doing so, and each day that passes makes it harder to begin again. You know this, so let’s get going, okay, ya putz?”
“Yeah, I know, but…”
“But nothing. Shut up and start writing.”
“About what?”
“Doesn’t matter. Anything. You used to be able to, and there’s no reason you can’t do it now – but you better hurry before the meds kick in. Don’t worry about making it all pretty – you’re writing for you.”
“Yaah, you’re right – but it’s hard, and I already feel the meds knocking my ass out. There should be an extra warning on this crap – “Do Not Take Before Attempting To Write”

Fuck it. I need to put at least something down. Anything. Get going with the writing again…

Today another dental appointment, where all of the teeth on the bottom left were yanked. I was supposed toget them all ripped uwI swear, they’re drawing this out SO damn long it;s driving me crazy. Another goddamn month before I get the last group finally pulled, and then about three weeks or so to heal – and then, at long last, I get some new chompers!

Okay, It actually took about 10 minutes to write the past two sentences, goddamn pain pills – but at least ai have something started to follow, no more excuses for not writing.
JEEBUS, really time to say g’night – I’m waking myself up by answering the people in my little nod-off dreams out loud. Weird. sending this to the aether while I can
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