3:00 am

Thanks to some great friends, last night I was able to move Alice to a safe place until I am able to leave this one.
She now calls the American Steel building home, where I’ll be able to work on her when I can, and she’s off the street – so her getting towed is one thing I don’t need to worry about anymore.

My health… my health is a frustrating game, my Doctors & I trying to beat it but not making much progress, it seems.I must admit that it;s driving me crazy.

The first month I lost 25lbs- all of that weight was being carried around in my legs, slowly seeping out anywhere it could. There was promise back then, but now, we’re just trying one thing after another looking for a way to fix me. Though I miss her, ifI were attempting to do all of this while living in my motorhome like before, it would be much more difficult. Here at Maitri they watch me almost too closely, to the point where there is no privacy – but I must admit at the same time it’s nice to be able to keep close tabs on any differences that the things we try do.

Tired now, going to read and hopefully get some sleep. With tomorrow/today being Thanksgiving, I know I’ll need all the energy I can dredge up to tolerate it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.



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  1. Well, mischief managed anyways. Now there’s one less thing to keep you from focusing on healing, right?
    I’d love to visit this weekend. I’ll email you direct to find out what time. Happy gratitude day, Ksea. I’m thinking of you and hoping you got a hot meal and are under a warm blanket, knowing you are loved.
    Good night, noble sir.
    Sweet dreams.

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