standing on the write

Sure, it’s a small promise, but does that excuse me from following through on my word?

Write more.

Am I that empty inside, that dull, that blank as to not have anything to say at all ? Hell no. Wake up, flux.

Perhaps I’ve just gotten lazy, or out of practice, or dissatisfied with what now goes down on these “pages”; yet I keep telling myself that I want to write more, and there is no question there, I do – but I still find it difficult to get my shit together and actually follow through with it.

Way back when, when the road and the adventures were the veins and arteries and the incredible people I met were the blood that coursed through me, when even the smallest thing could become something beautiful to write about, I did, and wrote well enough for me to be content with the words that were put down – but I’ve gotten far out of practice, and it’s time to come back.

It will certainly be an uphill battle, as I didn’t have the medication to fight against back then, but it will be well worth the struggle… and even if some of what comes out is pure crap, hopefully the level of crap will become less & less as I follow through with the promise I made to myself.

It’s said that two wrongs don’t make a right – but how many does it take to make a write?

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One response to “standing on the write

  1. Yes, please write. It is all part of documenting the journey. When I wrote as a traveler talking with kids around the world it was easy to write of the interesting or uplifting stuff, much more challenging to write of the hard spots, the actual reality of my body on many of those daze. It all adds up to simply recording time and space and truth. Am sure I am not the only one who finds ALL of it interesting.

    much love to you and happy to hear Alice is safe.

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