No Substitute

In the fear and the fight,
frustration, penniless desperation,
the what I need but can’t afford deafens, blinds
and I forget to remember
I must remember
remember the most important things
cannot be bought with words
begged for, pleaded for,
yet I have them in abundance;
Good friends, gifts of strength, and…
And while I still need what I need to survive
while I still need what I need to come home
and while some days such as today
I am terrified and look for every bit of strength I can find
not to show it
In the fear
And the fight
I must never forget that I have something
for which even the strongest of herbs, tinctures
or treatments
have no substitute.
I have you
I have your love
and blessed with both
I hold them close, and dearly…
Though the love I try to give back
as much as I can
even through the ever-present fear
for if I don’t
don’t return your love
there is no reason I can find inside
to continue to fight
to stay

kSf 4.15.11

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