Warrior, Wonderchild


My fourth “Three Month Evaluation” was today here at Maitri. As we went down the list of questions pertaining to my health, her smile continued to grow as more and more questions were answered “Resolved”. A question about meds was answered by me swearing to stick to my herbs, meditation, Ayurveda, teas, endless research & reading until I cure myself completely of Hep C, avoiding Western “medicine” as much as possible – and she said that she wouldn’t be surprised if I did it, her subtle smile somehow beaming. After the evaluation, Linda, the head nurse and an absolutely wonderful person (a no bullshit black woman from the South), admitted that there were times that she wasn’t certain about my future- was worried that I didn’t have one at all.
As I walked out the door to the nurses office, she called me her “wonderchild”. I simply said “No – I’m a warrior, and this particular battle, it looks like I have won.”
Now, just waiting for a surgery to knit the connective tissue in my abdominal muscles back together (the weight of the fluid ripped it apart), and start to get hardcore on the the *cause*, not the symptoms. >>> My gratitude to you all is limitless, as I know without question that what I (we) achieved would have been impossible without your help; your love, encouragement, and monetary assistance. Though I hate to bring it up again, the request is cushioned by the fact that I know this will be the final month I need to ask, but I still need financial help due to only coming out with a tenth of my check. Admittedly, a small amount of it will go to the motorhome, as the Ocean, my own home & serenity is as healing as any herbs that I could take, if not more… so again, please, I ask for any financial help that you can offer, for my last month here. Paypal – ksea@culturefluxmagazine.com – and thank you all, for everything… Soon it will be my turn, and I can’t express how thrilled I am to give as much as I have learned, and keep the love you have shown me moving…
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