11.18.11 A Day of Rest & Thought


A Day of Rest & Thought

Stayed in today, resting, keeping my leg elevated. I don’t know why it’s always my left leg that swells the most – perhaps it has something to do with the body’s channels, perhaps it’s something that tells me I need a chiropractic adjustment, perhaps it’s because I’m not only left-handed, I’m left legged. Strange though, as the right has always been my preferred.

I need to remember that, at least for a little while, I need to be careful, ever watchful, vigilant; that I can’t leap back into life the way I wish to, and now more than ever I need to be even more attentive to my body, so that one day soon I will be able to be what I once was.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It is in my dreams that I find her, never seeing the face

yet feeling her in my heart. When I wake I am left with only a warm soft smile,

trying to remember every vague detail,

the laughter, the peace,

keeping my eyes closed and wanting desperately to go back to my dreams.

Back to the warmth, back to her.

There is a touch of sadness in my heart as she fades,

and I’m left wondering when I will feel her again,

and if it’s only in my dreams

that I ever will.

When I walk through The City, it seems as if there is someone for everyone,

so I try to keep believing that,

that there is someone

The One

for this trainwreck of a hopeful romantic.


2 responses to “11.18.11 A Day of Rest & Thought

  1. Hey Brother,
    You walked away from San Diego one night when you Andrea and I were having a fun gathering at Jimmy the Greeks… I miss you mate. Andrea passed this October from liver disease she was your biggest fan. I am a grandfather… but still look 30! HAHAHA Much Love my Old Friend

    Kenny K

    • I miss you too – some of my fondest memories, my most genuine & heartfelt laughter and smiles are with you.

      I had to leave San Diego – it was sucking the soul out of me, and I needed some fresh roads, fresh air, and a new scene. Since then I lived in Austin for four months (volunteered for an amazing Hobo/Vagabond evacuee camp after the Storm) then moved to New Orleans for eight months, coming back here after hitting Burning Man in ’06.
      Now, as soon as I can, I need to hit the road again – on my way to anywhere, USA, but have been held back due to being sick for a bit.

      I’m sorry to hear about Andrea, my friend – she was an absolute doll.

      I’d love to see you sometime soon – and now that we’re back in touch, that will be a lot easier!

      Endless love to you, as well – and I look forward to the time when we can sit around laughing with each other again – take care until then!

      ~ kSea

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