Home is where…


Home comes in many forms. It is where you feel safe, accepted… loved. It can be a specific place, or it can be anywhere that certain very special people are, but when the word is said, when you go there, when the definition rings true it should be felt in the heart, seen in a certain shine in the eyes.

Yesterday, I went home. Home, not in place but in people, in family, in love – where my family was.

Tears almost betraying me at times, my heart too big for my body, hugs, smiles, and a welcome – a welcome back, a welcome… home.

I stopped by CellSpace, and fell in love again as I watched my family, the Vau de Vire Society, rehearse for the upcoming Edwardian Ball Weekend… and decided that I’m going to do whatever it takes to build back the strength to perform with them again, though this time… this time, I will be stronger, healthier, and much more driven – as I know what it’s like without them.

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