a brief moment…


If I had a full tank yesterday, there is nothing more that I would have liked to do than just hop on the 101 in either direction, and simply go. Anywhere, nowhere, the shine in my heart & eyes coming back after being dulled and tarnished by over a year in hospitals. I’d just keep on going, pulling over in little towns, eating at greasy spoons, writing and being so gloriously anonymous as I watched the people who may live there, or may be passing through just like me… just a few days, after the weekend, then I would be back with a new peace, a new vigor for life…

But I didn’t have a full tank, so after the archery range I watched the sunset as I walked along the tide-line at ocean beach, then when the sun had squeezed all that it possibly could out of itself for us I headed back into the park.

Gods, it had… has… been so long since I just rolled around, taking streets that looked like they didn’t lead anywhere and discovering such incredible beauty with no one around…

enjoying the hellout of myself by instead of speeding up when some single rushed asshole behind me leaned on his horn, slowing down even more and giving him my biggest smile as I doubled the single finger he was holding up with my own.


I need to get back there much more frequently, and without question earlier in the day. It was as if, even only for a brief yet exquisite moment in time, everything bad was washed away, and it was just me, my car, and the music.

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