A Dream


Memories of A Dream.

We were house mates and

in the dream, she was perfect.

Black short hair, grayish-green almond shaped eyes

heavy, serious lids

and her eyes shined so beautifully when she smiled.

We were playing, laughing, and then…

everything changed.

Slowly, cautiously, we kissed.

We Kissed, hearts pounding, I could feel hers in mine

bodies trembling in fear, in desire –

the electricity of a first kiss coursing through us…

I gently pushed her away, still holding on,

and we looked into each other’s eyes, then

confessed that we were in love with each other.

I told her what she needed to know

about me, my health, and

she knew. Didn’t care. Just said, with a slight smile

“We’ll just have to be careful then, won’t we?”

It felt like heavens that I forgot I knew

being in love again

it brought back innocence,

a child of darkness who could again believe in light

and nothing else mattered.

In the dream, for some reason

I asked her if she wanted a baklava

but when I went to the kitchen to get them, there was only one left

so we split it, laughing

as it was destroyed by the fork

and again, through the honey and flecks of pastry

we tasted each other’s lips again.

and I woke crying, thanking whatever made that dream

for letting me feel that way once again.


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