And I want to thank her for it.



To Whom it may Concern,

As requested, here is the letter from my Doctor requesting expediency in finding and getting my non-identifying information to me.

There have been two occasions over the past year and a half that I literally surprised the doctors by not only living, but walking out of the hospital by my own strength, and I know that a large part of my will to live comes from the need to meet the person who was so incredibly selfless as to put me up for adoption, hoping that I could have a life that she wasn’t ready or able to offer me.

I hope, with your help, that soon I might be able to find her, and if she chooses to let me into her life again, let her know that my life has been absolutely incredible, wonderful – and beautiful.

And – I want to thank her for it.

Thank you so much for your help,

~ Casey Porter (Kent Cavanaugh Porter, Jr.)


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