Still haven’t done a damn thing about moving, save for painting my new room, moving a single box of books & my compound bow, and thinking about what I need to do. A lot of thinking. Volumes of thinking. So much thinking that if I took the time that I’ve been thinking about what I need to do and were actually doing something about it, most likely I would be very close to done moving.

A lot to still do, besides, of course, only thinking about it.

Yesterday morning at the dog park there was a brief chat with the regulars about what super power we would like to have, and I couldn’t decide between flying and invisibility, obviously not really giving it much serious thought and choosing some common ones, especially because by the time I answered they were off onto a completely different conversation about politics or something.

I think now that I would change it to being able to think about something and have it done, with some special trigger like needing to cross my fingers on both hands in order to activate it, so I don’t have random thoughts popping in and out all the time. With the bizarre thoughts that *I* have, that would probably make for quite a mess if there weren’t a trigger. People could get hurt.

Yeah, I think that’s it. If I see them this morning, which is unlikely as it is now 4:15am and I still haven’t been able to sleep due to the thinking about moving, cleaning both spaces, and how I will set up my new room – I’m changing my superpower.

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