“…extremely sober, does not yet smile”

October 31, 1967
…… “‘You’ were alert and focused, followed, and concentrated on objects. “You” were not that physically active, however would draw your knees up under you and rub them around on the sheet until they became chapped. “Your” strength was average and “he puts slight weight on his feet” was noted. “Your” head control was average and you had a fair grip… “YOU” were a relaxed baby who did not startle easily, and “he is either slow or extremely sober, for he does not yet smile” was noted.

Four single-spaced pages, mostly about me as a baby. Two copies of original documents that have my mother’s name on them – whited out completely.

After FORTY FIVE YEARS, stories of my birth, of me as a… baby? – for the very first time. Nine and a half hours of labor – and… descriptions of my entire blood family at that point in time. Aunts, Uncles, everyone…

It’s here… arrived today in the mail, sent the 11th.

My mother was/is 5’4.5″, My Father 6’3. Norwegian, Irish, Dutch – German.
No one in my…… my… family? No one except my Grandmother had green eyes.
And black hair.
Gods – she must have been gorgeous.

Holy Shit.

It’s HERE.


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