to another Someone


Dear Miss Stenerson,

This is a letter that I have been writing, in my mind and on paper, for my entire life. Even with all of that time, it has never said exactly what I wanted it to. I’ve come close many times and sent those letters out to others in hope, but it is only now that I send it to the person who it was intended for, and as a result I’m at a loss for the right words.

Quite frankly, as I write a draft of it on my laptop, I am terrified – and in receiving a letter like this, you may be as well.

I have no idea if you ever hoped to find this in your mail, and I have no intention of complicating your life, though at this time, with this letter, it is something that I cannot avoid. For that, I am truly sorry.


I want to tell you everything. I want to share with you every moment of the life I have lived, but that can only come with time, and only if you allow it.

Please know that this is an extremely difficult letter to write – not only for the reason that my penmanship has deteriorated greatly since computers came around (an attempt at light-hearted humor there), but because…

I have very good reason to believe that you are the person I have been searching for. I believe that you are the person that I have just simply wanted to see for forty-five years, the person I wanted to know if I were so blessed, and – the person I wanted to thank, with all of my heart.


My adopted name is Kent Cavanaugh Porter, Jr., though as long as I can remember I have always gone by Casey. I have spelled it many ways, the most recent being kSea – but maybe we’ll get to the reason for that later. It’s a fun little story if you’re interested.


I’ve been searching off and on since I was Thirty-one years old, and with the amazing assistance of a search company I found and employed, I am quite sure that you are my biological Mother. My Birth Mother. If you are… well, let me tell you a tiny bit about me.

I was born on September 5th, 1967, and have known I was adopted as long as I can remember. Fourteen years ago, when I was 31, I realized how important finding my Mother is to me. Hoping to find an origin, I have searched – perhaps for you? I can only pray that this letter is not in vain, again…


The life I have lived has been amazing, and has made me into the person I am today. I have been blessed with love, understanding, incredible people, and many adventures. I would love to share the person that you created with you; if you are the woman who gave me this life.

To ME.


I am including every possible way to contact me, and I hope that you will as soon as possible.

If by some slim chance you aren’t my Birth Mother, please let me know – so I can continue my search.

If you are, know that I ask for very little from you – I only want to thank you, and be able to love you – again.





3 responses to “to another Someone

  1. It is a solemn reminder to those of us who are adoptive parents that the desire for the knowledge of one’s origin is so deep and filled with longing. It is an encouragement to hear, though, of your gratefulness for an amazing life that you have lived. I hope my daughter will one day be able to say the same. She really likes the book “Missing Piece” by Shel Silverstein. Are you familiar with this book?

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