The Return of CultureFlux is COMING!

It seems to be needed now more than ever.
After a three+ year hiatus and one HELL of a lot of considering whether I wanted to unearth the carcass of what was, … is COMING BACK!
First articles & interviews will be uploaded towards the end of June. That should give me time enough to make some changes and remember how to do everything involved, as well as wrangle some incredible people & groups to interview…
I am aiming primarily for video content this time around, but of course there will be written and audio as well.
SO – who do you want to see in it?
As was the unwritten way before, the interviews will hopefully *not* follow the common formula, and instead be as candid and raw as possible.
This time around, it would be nice if I could get some help with submissions and anything else as well, instead of trying to carry the whole damn thing like its previous incarnation.

Oh, and yeah – of course there will be shows produced on occasion, (CultureFlux Presents…) because I really love doing that.

Been sitting on the edge of this cliff for far too long. It’s time to jump again.

***Please feel free to share this with those who you think might be interested in one way or another, whether being interviewed or contributing somewhere. It’s only letting me tag 20 people, but I’m certain that there are *many* out there that aren’t on my radar as well who would add color, beauty, inspiration and delicious insanity to the mix. Oh, and sexy too. Gotta love sexy, in any shape it takes.

Love you all. It’s nice to see you again.

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