Creation, Destruction, and everything in between. Musings on the American Renaissance

I am not certain what to think of the times we live in. In one way I am honored that we, the people, fight so fucking hard for what we believe in, and at least today, we win – gloriously, beautifully, arms and hands and minds and determination joined to make even the most ignorant tremble and hopefully, think twice –

but ours is a new Nation, bought and paid for with the lives of others; those we send into battle, those who have told the truth, those who turn in their graves as witnesses to what we have become.

Free? Think again, and think hard. Why must someone who sheds light on the NSA flee to a country that is reportedly what the gov’t, OUR gov’t, wrong? the same government that allows our beautiful, hard working people to become jobless as their work is shopped out to more efficient countries, yet has the disgusting gall to take away their livelihood, everything they have ever worked for in their belief that we are good – and call them, MAKE them poor, struggling, hungry, suicidal or outlaws.

It’s the Wild West all over again, fuckers, and we will come for you, make you repent, see the error in your Wall Street ways, and… and hold you in our poor, needle pocked, caring arms as you lay wondering where your empire went.

It didn’t, it won’t go to us, not without complete revolution – as the poor, the artists, the lovers, the romantics, the believers – it will go to someone, anyone more deserving.

I am not a political person. I loathe politics, for it is destroying this nation that we all hold so dear, and the argument is never won without very deep pockets – or complete destruction.

It is time for a revolution. A revolution of ART, of BEAUTY, of HEART. We have these three things if nothing else, and even I, your lover, your hater, your believer, has something to offer. I know hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands that will stand by me, bolster me, make me strong again – strong enough to conquer you and the horrible thing that you have made this beautiful nation into, and I have the people, hundreds of thousands of people from France, from Russia, from Turkey, from all the nations you blindly call your allies…

So fuck you, U.S. – we are your fear, and we ARE NOW UNITED, all colors, sexual persuasions, passions – and we are 10,000 for every one of you. Your propaganda will not work anymore. These are OUR lives, and the lives of our families.

The World IS Our Family.

This is sent out of love. This is sent out because we know. This is sent out because times need to change – this is the American Renaissance, and The New Circus will fucking take you down – all the men, women, and, of course, dogs. The cats will be busy being indifferent.

And so ends my only political diatribe.

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