until then


If the wind still holds my soul

if the wind still lifts my wings

then show me the sky

steal me a dream.


I am broken but never destroyed

I am pauper dressed as a king

I am love

I am love

I could be anything.


I am not who I could be

joker beyond a king

but the bandages came off

and you see me for who I am


a fool, afraid, and maybe

someday when I am gone

you will remember

that I once was glory.


But I have whispered to you

some strange secrets

and in those, between us

you and me, you can’t see the sorrow


because I have seen all I need to


So dance with me for now

dance backwards

and force that smile upon your face

hide your tears

and tell everyone that

I died with a strange peace

upon my brow.





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