When I listen…


And life continues as created.

It is because of you that I am alive; you paid for the herbs, you gave me your encouragement, you were, are, and will continue to be everything to me. You were the first face I saw when I could not speak, move, even write. I clearly remember hating a certain you when I awoke. I should have been dead, but people like you will not accept that.

You know who you are yet I do not live for you. This is what I need to remember. You gave me back my life and it is mine, my sole possession, and mine to continue as I will.

Of course, I could fade away, be nothing but fond memories – but that is the easy path that I have never chosen, and what is a dreamer without fighting for dreams?

I am coming back to me, for you, for all of you, because of me and who I am. Regardless of what people have told me, I am nothing special – at least, nothing more exquisite than any of you. This is why we met – not through Burning Man, not through this city, but through my desire – and I desire you. I have been looking all of my life for you. I can be a patient bastard when I need to be (seldom) and here you are and continue to be.

I make good choices.  

When I listen.



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