Three weeks and forever


You have blessed me with life, gave me a reason to conquer the horrors and see with immeasurable pain the hole that brought me clarity, brought me to you…

yet still you leave the glass half full in finding, deny me

the face I have never drank my eyes from.

You gave me her, my entire life wanted, a quest for the chalice  of my own life, found but not satisfied. I have heard the truth and she is close, she asked me not to forsake her and still I have a feeling that chews upon my bones that she is short for life.

I read once, long ago, about a woman after years of searching, finally found her father.

She found him three weeks after he died. Three weeks.

You take my car, my freedom, my peace. Is there any question why the anger still seethes?

You have taught me to live, brought everything down upon me and gave me a heart full of one thing missing.

I begin to think that the most dreadful mistake I could have paid was finding her,

the emptiness that drove me to become what I fought with, the tooth and nail, the yearning, the loss of just once, looking into her loving eyes, was all that I was.

Please, please prove me wrong.

Let me know that I have not been searching all of my life

for nothing but an unrequited dream.


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