FIRE at a dear friends warehouse. They lost everything, and more. Please help.

Very dear friends of ours lost everything in a a fire early this morning, only barely escaping with their lives and the lives of their pups – apparently without even shoes on their feet.
They are beautiful people and incredible members of this far-reaching community, so if you can help with *any* amount, please do – and also I ask that you keep pushing this.

Their goal has been reached, yet it is only a very small amount of what will be needed to replace what they can, vet care for the dogs (I read they were being treated for smoke inhalation), and of course, finding a new home – so please, keep the donations coming to them!

Update from Muse about an hour ago from the hospital. I really hate finding our the truth is far worse than what was originally heard:

Update from Muse:
For those who don’t know, we had a massive fire at our warehouse early this morning. Two of our dogs, Bunny and Wiley did not survive. I have two broken feet from jumping out of the second story window and will be in the hospital for another day or two. John is far worse off with a broken Femur and burns over much of his body. He underwent successful surgery for his leg today and was then transferred to a hospital that specializes in burn treatment. Eduardo experienced some pretty severe smoke in halation but is otherwise fine. And, most importantly, I have the most amazing community of friends in the universe. I love you all!

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