Until Again, Lou.

In memory of Lord, of Lou Reed and Andy. I will never forget, and please wait for me. I am not done yet.
Special thanks to you. To Bob, Ryan, to Cody (I still remember our conversation in the bus outside of DNA) to Lori SWitch, to Douglas, to Zac, and to all of my past loves – Striggy, Astrud, Blair, Dana, Lulu, Leah, and so many others.
To Doug, to Zac, Especially to Raven, the best driving partner I could have ever hoped for.
This is not a suicide note, I have a pup to care for. This is just appreciation for all of you until…
To Annie, the beautiful woman who made me. My Mother who I have still yet to meet. She said that I screamed when I was torn out of her arms, and the people that bought me said I was silent. Silent in the first years.
I am not silent anymore.
I live my life as I seem just. I have darkness and light. “The deeper the pain, the more brilliant the light.”

I love all of you.

All of you, in your pain and heart. I am far from perfect, but I understand the reach – and I long for the hug that makes my soul quiet.


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