once, and again.

Without question, one of the sweetest “miss you” messages I have ever recieved…

…so of course, I had to post it here.
(From Cameron)

Subject Don’t make us come get you!!!
Message New Orleans misses you too!!I’m sorry we all left you this summer in the heat to tend to our lives for us… but we came home just to wave goodbye. DAMNIT!

So I went out the other night and…. EVERYONE misses you, deeply. You know the crew. We are conspiring to come get you and drag you back. Its cooling down. Tourists are back in town, most are back from thier travels, gigs aplenty and focus from many.

It’s just not the same without you.We can’t replace you and we leave little white and red flowers on yur spots in the square. (sniffles)

We sat around and toasted you lamenting lamenting… you who can never be replaced, loved by so many.

If you ever want to come home remember the long list of us who were gone through those hot monthes who all love and miss ya. Shall I start naming names?


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