It swells and boils and seethes underneath.

I tell myself “Let it go and LIVE” but

it is not that easy.

Not that simple.

Forgive me for my trespasses, you never will.

I try to cut you away with my knives, the sharp edge in my soul. I see your faces on every target I drive my arrow into.

You named me, but I am not your son. I am not your child. You bought me but I came at a price much higher than you first knew.

So now I try to forgive, to ease this poison flowing through my veins
and I will.

You have no idea what you did to me, what you created.

I thought it was normal – the belts, the words, the harm – but something inside of me said to always fight, always dream, always see.

So I did, and I do, and I release you.

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