Every day. I feel myself getting stronger, doing things I couldn’t even consider a brief time ago.

When I first moved in here, I vowed to take the stairs up to my third floor apartment as frequently as possible, barring heavy weight in my arms such as groceries or eventually dog food.

Two years ago I exerted all of my strength taking them one-by-one, hand on the rail helping be up. I can’t begin to describe how over a year in a hospital bed can sap strength, atrophy muscles, destroy what you had become and relied on. Simple strength, for simple tasks.

I worked, I work. What was once near impossible I now do with ease and joy, taking the steps two and three at a time, not using the handrail in order to regain core balance.

Everything was taken. Everything that is, except my will to live and always grow.

There is still much work to do, but the path is well set & followed.

I will continue to grow, to get stronger, to live.

I could not be here without all of you. My love of you, your support.

Thank you. I am eternally grateful. I KNOW that without you, I would have died. I would have wanted to, not having a reason to live.

Now, I do.

Thank you.

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