If you hold value in my heart, I will say what I feel – regardless of the consequences.

When I was there, many days I thought I would die. The wonderful nurses, NP’s, and volunteers made certain I was as comfortable as I could get… but I saw it in their eyes.

“He’s a good person. Polite, respectful, strong. But… he’s as good as dead.”
and I was – but was better.

Laying on that bed I thought about so many things I haven’t said – to friends, to lovers, to you.

So I made a commitment.

If I lived, I would say how much I loved you. IF I lived, I would sacrifice everything

just for a moment that showed you how much I care.

If you don’t understand, so be it.


I am me. I am everything, I am all  – I love you with all of my heart, and I will tell you so.

Only idiots are frightened by honesty. I mean no harm.
I only say what I need to.


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