The Skin You Carry

She asked me if I was lonely.

All I could do was laugh to hide what I truly felt, and then realized that it was Vic I was talking to.
“I don’t know. Sometimes, definitely. Other times less.”
That’s all I could offer.

:We get older, we grow. I am not the same as I was even ten years ago. I could see the most exquisite woman and push her off. I could have a good conversation with another, and it doesn’t matter what she looks like – I just may fall in love.

How we want to appear to society has a tendency to bind us…

but I would rather tell them all to fuck off, that they have no idea how exquisite the person on my arm, in my heart is.

There are so very many different kinds of beauty… and it has nothing to do with the skin you are draped in.


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