A way

I need to believe that there is a way past all

all of this pain I hold inside.

I will not try to explain, I don’t need you to understand
This is me, only me, and there are worlds that I’ve become

Far past you, far past me, and the person that I believed to be
Who am I? That’s a question that is answered every day

So I keep dreams, hold them close, make a beauty of them
some have grown, some have been lost, but none of them are forgotten…

You will never see me unless I choose to give you
and somehow, you see me, small in the corner…

And through your eyes I awake, see me and all I am
but where are you, I don’t need you – I am the strength I have to go on

But if somehow you appeared, could see all of me I hold inside
It’s not always pain, sometimes it is glory

So where are you, who am I these are questions I can’t answer
at least not now, but in time, I will be all that we seek…


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