In silence, past death.

I watch, I see, I feel more than most realize. I would like to imagine that they do as well.

I see friends die, I watch in silence as their loves pass from this life, I can only watch as their family – mothers, fathers, animal companions, leave this physical world.

I have watched people take their last breath, have been witness to the sorrow they left behind as I stood by their families. They were crying. I gave my heart to them in the moment, wordless, no tears.
I have seen it, lived it, even been the one who looked into their eyes and saw that this was their final farewell to me – on both sides of death.

I cannot offer support, I don’t have the words to make it better – but know that I am there. I am there, all of me and what I have seen and lived, I am with you.

It is a private sorrow. I will not attempt to make it better – I cannot. No one can.

If you don’t see my post saying “sorry for your loss” or “I hope they get better”, it is not because I do not care.
Alone and silent, I share your sorrow… you will always remember the sting that the passing of someone dear fills you with, but eventually it will get smaller.

Do not be afraid. It will never go away. There will forever be that place in your heart that you hold for them, honor their life and influence with.

Absorb their shine, They are still watching, and are still with you. Shine brighter for them – in memory of them, in honor, in love.

I will be quiet, silent in any words. There is a place where even the best ones only increase the feeling of loss…

But please know that I am by your side – a shoulder to cry on, a heart that knows, a friend… a friend that will never leave you. A heart that cries just as loud as yours, and I will give everything I have to you if, somehow it might help.

In silence, this I vow with all of my heart.

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