Time does not heal.

Four years. I was laying in the hospital bed, expected to die, and that is the last I heard from my adopted family.
The last brief phone touch with the “mother” who raised me was  while I couldn’t lift my head off of the pillow. Her first quistion was not “how are you” are you alright” or anything close.
“Hey, ma.”
“Are you working? Do you have a good job?”

That was the last time I spoke to any of my adopted family… Until now.

The man I called ‘Father’ was always a good person, and always tried to be better. With the pure hell that “she” is, I cannot help but admire him for sticking with her – but I also see him as a fool.

No words for over four years. Leave it to me to fuck their reality.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~

I found her. My Mother, a year ago.

Thank you for all that you gave me, and tried to. I will always love you for that – you let me have a beautiful childhood…
and I will never forget it.

Please know that you did not fail me – my soul was/is simply to big for your world.

These days I am happy, healthy, and have amazing friends. I am very wealthy in the things that count the most.
Dad, I admit – I miss your smile, your spirit, your heart. You are a very good person,you always have been… and I AM one to judge. You only know the smallest piece of my life, who I am – but I learn more about people every day, and have looked for the words to send to you, tell you how much I will always love you, release you from any pain regarding me – if necessary.

Again – you did not fail. You gave everything you could, but… I followed my soul.
My heart still loves you.

Attached is a photo of me & my Birth Mother. My actual father still does not know I exist – I am the product of a New Years Eve romance. My Birth mother is healthy, lives in a small town about two hours north of San Francisco called Philo, and is very happy that I found her. She did not search for me, even as much as she says she wanted to. It was far too dangerous – think about it. She couldn’t even know if I knew I was adopted…

Dad, I love you. I always will. Thank you for everything.

kSea flux

(Casey Porter)

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Archer Marketing Solutions

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