for WHAT?

with all of this, and all of that…
so much war, hatred and death…

so much that will never make anything better, only worse, and worse and bloody…

I feel so fucking small, and I hate it.

This is the only thing I truly hate. With all of my heart, soul, and sense.

I fought so FUCKING HARD to live… but for what?

For this?

As I write this I try to wipe the tears, but they willl not go away. I don’t seek a way out. I do not know how to find it.
Yeah, post and post again, fuck you. FUCK YOU and your keyboard warrior. You aren’t shit.

“Raise awareness?” You actually think you are doing something by clicking “like” and reposting? maybe. Most likely not.

Give me one gun and ten fucking thousand puppies, and *I* will change the world… make them see how beautiful life
can be…



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