My personal philosophy is simple.

Over the years and through all of the beauty, all of the challenges, it has changed – but one single knowledge never wavered…

Move in the direction of your dreams, Every. Single. Day.

I am who I want to be. Every moment, every breath, every action is exactly what I am reaching towards. I look to what I will become, and am completely satisfied with who I am now…

But I will never stop wanting more dreaming more, trying to be a better person.

Mike Dooley is the author of the above line, but it has been an unworded part of me since the beginning of… me. And what an explosion that was!

From there, everything began to make sense – even in the hardest times, I knew that there was a solid lesson that I needed to learn.

And I learned. I continue to…

Move in the direction of my dreams.


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